Trick Art

Day 4

We’d been on the train for an hour already.The three of us were getting pretty hungry and more than a little tired from the previous days of trips, hikes and overall exercise that comes with visiting a new country (or hosting a new visitor).

This time the exhibit was located in 일산(Ilsan). If you don’t know where that is, don’t worry because neither did I. It’s found on the northern end of the Orange line. It took one transfer (at a station where the train comes twice an hour) and a 1.5 hour ride through farms, greenhouses and villages but we arrived at the Kintex Exhibition center. I sent the girls to stand in line for the entrance (1 hour!?) while I stood in line for the tickets (30 minutes!). There were hoards of families standing around and lines were going out the door for everything (bathroom, Dunkin’ Donuts, cafes). We eventually got in and… it was fun.

There were three types of exhibits.

There were paintings made to look as though you were interacting with them.

There were paintings where you actually stood in them (cutouts, stand-ins, mirrors).

Finally there were paintings where you stood in them, and took shots from different angles to get the desired effect.

There were also a few sculptures, videos and other Trick Art works on display but none of them were really worth mentioning. Even with all the people walking into each other, cutting in front of people or accidentally blocking my shots it was still a pretty fun day (worth repeating, maybe on a weekday next time).

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