Myungdong Church

Day 4



If Shinjuku is the shopping mecca of Tokyo, then Myungdong is the shopping mecca of Seoul. You can find all three big malls here (Lotte, Hyundai, and Shinsegae) along with Forever 21, H&M and Zara along with some of the more popular Korean brands.

We tried to leave as early as possible but ended up leaving around 2 and getting to Myungdong around 3. Some of the subways were a little congested and the rain had been sporadic throughout the morning. We made the best of what we could and got to Myungdong on piece.

First stop was the Myungdong church.

Korea's oldest example of gothic architecture. Also while here, an old lady kept on shaking our hands and telling my girlfriend's sister how pretty her skin was.

My girlfriend has been asking to come here except before  that day I had no idea where “here” was. It took a big of time and I had to stop twice for directions but we found it. Unfortunately the weather was beginning to turn and there was a wedding going on at the church. Most of the attendees were dressed in western style (suits, pants, dresses) but the parents of the groom and bride were dressed in traditional garbs. It’s pretty easy spot from a distance due to the distinct colors and style. We stood around for a while, admiring the architecture and watching a few Japanese tourists pose in strange ways in front of the church.

Definitely a site to see.

The rest of the day was spent walking around shopping. Not really much room for snapping photos (since I was carrying the bags). It was about 5 hours into the day when I realized ‘going shopping with two girls’ may not have been my greatest idea.

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