Photographing Seoul

It was a little less than a year after I arrived in Korea that I finally got a DSLR. I didn’t even buy it myself, I got it as a gift (thank you very much girlfriend). But no matter where I go or what I do, that camera isn’t far from my reach. Getting a DSLR is daunting. Do enough research on the internet and you can find the perfect camera for yourself. I wanted something that was smaller and mobile but would still give me a few options when I wanted to switch out lenses.

My goal was mobility. The NEX series doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a full sized DSLR but it has all the basics there. Occasionally I wish I could change the White Balance or ISO on the fly instead of hunting through menus but more important is being able to carry it around where ever I got and being able to use it like a point-and-shoot but have the capabilities of a DSLR (to me).

Getting a camera is step one. Knowing how to use it is step two. Before I got here, I took a few classes in art (majored in it for a while) which included one in digital photography. You know, the basics of photoshop as well as f-stop, shutterspeed, and ISO. I wouldn’t call myself a master photographer but I’m well on my way to amateur.

Courtesy of "" . Click for the larger version.

Finally (and arguably, most important) is subject matter. In the end, you can pick any camera you want, stick it on AUTO and never touch shutterspeed, f-stop, ISO, or white balance but you’ll still need somewhere to go to take pictures. So have fun, get out there and explore. There are always the old staples like Hongdae (for some street photography), Yeoido Park (a nice large park juxtaposed with stretching streaming skyscrapers), and N. Seoul Tower (for great shots of the city).

Have fun and happy shooting!

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