It’s all in the name. It isn’t just the fact that I’m… well, that I’m ‘far from home‘ or that I’m ‘adventuring‘.

For the last five years before I came to Korea, all I ever did was study and work. It was either putting in extra hours in the poorly ventilated laboratory, working overtime at the poorly cleaned restaurant, or spending a few extra minutes in bed before I was scheduled for class in my poorly air conditioned classroom.

It isn’t just the experience of being in a new~ish country, it’s the fact that I don’t ever want to feel at ‘home’. Not that I don’t want to be comfortable here, just that I don’t want to be complacent. It doesn’t matter what life-shaking event occurs, people tend to find a routine and eventually just stick to that routine. I picked whatever I could fit into a few bags and moved to a country where I didn’t speak the language fluently, understood only that the culture was different from my own, to a job that I wasn’t sure was going to be there when I arrived.

The best stories I have (indeed that anyone may have) are those that come out of the seemingly ordinary. It’s the cafe that you find when you turn the wrong corner, the person you meet when you miss the subway, or the book that your friend recommended because they liked it.

That’s the [for lack of a better word] spirit that I try to live by. This blog isn’t about the time I fought a bear (although that sounds AWESOME!), how I saved the world from an evil super villain (even AWESOME~ER!), or anything else from a Michael Bay movie. All I want to do, is do something out of my ordinary and have a story to tell afterwards.

I hope you enjoy reading it more than I enjoy writing it (I dropped out of Creative Writing for a reason) and I hope you guys can tell me stories of your adventures as well.

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