Hitting the Language Barrier, Stomach First

It’s impossible not to be drawn to Hongdae if you live in Seoul. While I’m not one for the nightlife, the area is always teeming with interesting cafes and promises of interesting events around each corner. Whether it’s the Santa Walk in the wintertime, the sporadic live performances from aspiring musicians, or the strange and often poorly planned events by the local students (they set up walls for anyone to draw pictures on, on a rainy day) there’s always somewhere to go and something to see.

This particular night, my girlfriend and I had a particular goal in mind. Food.

After enough trips to Hongdae, you realize that the nightlife centers on restaurants. There are clubs aplenty with long stretching lines and crowds waiting for entry, but the same can be said for the restaurants. It isn’t strange to see a crowd waiting for seats at the Charlie Brown cafe’ or lines forming for some of the more popular restaurants on the main street. Regardless of whether you come for the clubs or for the shopping, you’re always in for a good meal.

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