I Play Demon’s Souls

I own a PS3,  a Xbox360 back in the states, a broken down DS, emulate all sorts of classic systems on my PC, and use my Android phone to play all sorts of games… but no game has challenged me like Demon’s Souls.

Oh f***... he saw me.

From the get go, the game makes you understand one thing… you will die and anything can and will kill you. The game is all about patience and timing, and punishingly so. Every time you die, your soul is all that remains (with only half your max health) and requires you to find your body. Whenever a normal game would let up the difficulty and make life easier on you, Demon’s Souls ramps it up and laughs in your face.

After a year of owning the game, I have played other games almost obsessively

Is that a Gundam!?

to try to scratch that itch that the game has left behind. Read any review for the game and they will tell you that the experience is not for the faint of heart. Whereas other games make you feel like a god stamping on roaches (for example, any Dynasty Warriors game), this game makes you feel like a grunt fighting main characters from other games.

See this slow moving bastard with half a sword? He's killed me more times than I can count.

I once spent 30 minutes shooting arrows into a dragon so that I could cross a bridge safely only to be killed by a basic enemy on the other side. Understand that statement, I killed a DRAGON and was killed by a douche with a crossbow.

Insanely difficult and ridiculously slanted against the player but why am I talking about it?

Demon’s Souls has a sequel coming out later this year known as Dark Souls… and I am buying it.


While this game doesn’t have a set multiplayer aspect, what it does have is slight visions of other players playing the same level as you running around (visualized as souls). Even while you’re dying and cursing the gods for accidentally falling off a bridge, you never feel alone while doing it.