The Giant Rubber Duck in Seoul

The giant rubber duck has been making its rounds around the world to a surprising amount of fanfare. After all, it’s just a really big inflatable duck that sits there and… just sits there. Now the big rubber duck is in Seoul, hurrah. Honestly, when my girlfriend proposed the idea of going I wasn’t skeptical but I wasn’t excited either. After all, what if anything is there to see or do near a giant rubber duck.

Getting there wasn’t difficult, just take the subway to Jamsil Station (Line No. 2 and Line No. 9) where you take exit number 3. Just walk straight and make a right at the traffic light (without crossing the street) and you’ll get to the Seokchon Lake park; there you’re greeted by this.

giant rubber duck seokchon lake seoul korea

More than likely, a large crowd of people milled around a large inflatable duck. Getting through the crowd wasn’t going to happen, especially since we had our dog with us. So instead we walked around the lake and took photos from different angles to capture ourselves and the duck in a variety of poses (well, we posed). All the while, people were cramming themselves into openings in front of the great rubber judge while security guards kept an eye out for would-be-bathers in the lake. More than once, people were shooed from getting too close to the edge or crossing the ever present rope between us and the precious wooding landing that would have brought us ever so closer to the divine mallard.

giant rubber duck seokchon lake seoul korea

giant rubber duck seokchon lake seoul korea

I don’t know about the enlarged bath toy’s other appearances, but this one coincided with the opening of the brand new Lotte World Mall right behind the lake. In addition to being one of the largest shopping malls in Korea, it also has the honor of being the cause behind several sinkholes that have been appearing in nearby areas. Capitalism at its most transparent I suppose.

lotte world seokchon lake seoul korea

The highlight of the day was really just having a cool place to walk our dog. We’re always taking him out to new places but this was the first time we were taking him to Jamsil and the first time we were going to an area that would be perfect for a dog walking. The entire park is really just a path around the lake with a few areas to stop and admire the scenery. While the crowds were stifling, once you get away from the photogenic spots it was a nice walk on a nice day.

dog maltese puppy korea

dog maltese puppy korea

At the end of the day, we snapped more photos than we needed and took our dog out on a nice refreshing walk around the yellow giant. The gift shops (one near the big duck and one inside the actual mall) were all out of rubber ducks and only had small prints and paper foldouts of ducks available. We bought a print out (W1,500) and counted ourselves lucky that we weren’t tempted to spend more on a bathtub companion, especially since we don’t have a bathtub.

giant rubber duck seokchon lake seoul korea

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