Victorian Futurism @ the Seoul Art Center

Masks 001

Whether you’re interested in fantasy or the alternative (read: fringe) sciences, ‘steampunk’ is a pretty cool concept. Similar to proponents of Nikola Tesla, ‘steampunk’ imagines a world powered by steam and pressurized fluid engineering rather than fossil fuels or electricity. The practicality of such a world might be up for debate, but that hasn’t stopped people from imagining what that world would look like.Picture 001

Museum 003

Since March, the Seoul Arts Center (예술의전당) has been hosting an exhibit called, ‘The Art of Victorian Futurism’ which is otherwise known as steampunk art. The exhibit contains photos, paintings, drawings and other 2D works but the show-stoppers are the sculptures, figurines and other spotlighted works.

Museum 001

All of the works are incredibly interesting, from the steampunk laser canon to the figurines of small robotic animals but my favorites of the show were the motorcycle and scooter which take center stage inside the hall. Each was retrofitted and rebuilt with amazing results. If Dr. Who rode a motorcycle, this would be it.

Vespa 003 Motorcycle 005 Motorcycle 001

The rest of the exhibition splits focus between framed prints and sculptures, installation art, and figurines. While the pictures were interesting to look at, some of the figurines and sculptures were truly engaging and take your imagination for a ride. While there were a few strange sections, specifically one dedicated to lamps, the rest of the exhibit is incredibly imaginative.


the Owl


The exhibit has a W 12,000 entrance fee but there are several discounts available. One in particular is a ticket, available at a lot of shops and cafes, which offers foreigners a W 2,000 discount. The entire exhibit takes about an hour to walk through, more if you’re inclined to take lots of photos and less if you can beat the crowd. Either way, it’s a fun way to spend part of your weekend afternoon if you’re so inclined. The exhibit will be at the SAC until May 18th.

Scroll down to the bottom for a map with the location of the SAC.


Hermit Crab

Lego Elephant 001 (closeup)

Marilyn 001

Masks 002

Picture 003

Robot 001

Robot 002

Doll 003

Doll 001 (closeup)

Wall Art

Doll 002

Doll 001

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