Brunch @ Jo’s Basket

While brunch isn’t something that occupies my mind often, it was definitely a concern of mine a few months ago when I was working on a brunch article for 10 Magazine in Seoul. The magazine was looking for the best brunches on offer in and around Seoul and the results were all over the place.Jos Basket (wp)

Finding a great brunch restaurant in Seoul isn’t easy. You have to deal with restaurants that create Korean fusion plates (which are great, but I prefer my brunch kimchi-less) or maybe don’t have everything on one plate. Then when you do find a great brunch place, you’ll end up paying W15,000 to W20,000 for something you could probably find at Denny’s back home.

That’s what I loved the most about Jo’s Basket, it’s not just another restaurant trying to cash in on the brunch craze. They’ve been offering up brunch for years while other restaurants have only started to catch up on the craze.

Tourists Breakfast

When I arrived, there weren’t any bells and whistles to greet me. The interior of the restaurant was great, but there wasn’t anything that screamed, “We have actual brunch and not some strange concoction made of last night’s leftovers!”

Most of the interview went along in Korean which was also a slight concern for more reasons than one. I learned a little later on that the owners can speak English, I should’ve just asked from the get go. It also turned out that one of the owners was a gyopo (born and raised abroad like yours truly). The conversation was fun but after taking a look at their menu, I was steaming in anticipation for the food.

English Breakfast 001

The portion sizes were amazing. Each plate comes along with a cup of coffee and a small soup which were great. Each plate was either American style or European style according to the owner/chef; I have no idea what the difference is since I’ve never had brunch in Europe. Then again, who cares… the food was awesome.

Princess Omlette

I visited Jo’s Basket as part of 10 Magazine’s search for the best brunch restaurants in Seoul. It still stands as one of the best brunch places I’ve visited, ever. If you want to see the full list, it’s available on 10 Magazine’s April issue or you can just check out Cheers!

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