A Wonderland, A Mess: Yongma Land (용마랜드)

I should have posted this to AFFM but for some reason I ended up posting it to my photoblog site instead. Here I am, correcting my mistake.


The first time I heard about Yongma Land I was drunk. I can’t remember who 0r where I had the conversation. All I remember was someone telling me about an old abandoned amusement park  left in the hills of northern Seoul. And then I forgot about it for months, nearly years. Like a dream.

Standing 001 (graveyard)

Finding Yongma Land turned out to be easier than I expected. I did a search on Naver and Google that, predictably, gave no directions. Eventually I turned up a subway station (Mangu Station, 망우역). From there it was the simple matter of catching a taxi and pronouncing “Yongma Land” with a thick Korean accent. It was a six minute taxi ride to the foot of a hill that looks about as interesting and unassuming as you can get. A further walk in revealed an abandoned structure, a parking lot, and grave sites which aren’t rare at…

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