The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Musical

So between photo shoots and day trips I try to spend my time experiencing as much of Korea as I can. It wasn’t exactly by chance that I happened on the Nightmare Before Christmas musical being prepared in Seoul (hint, my girlfriend is in it).

It was, however, mostly by chance that I found myself photographing their preview showcase a few weeks ago in Myeongdong. After attending a few rehearsals and seeing what they have in action, I’m excited to see the final product. The showcase wasn’t more than a few songs and some additional scenes but it was treat for everyone who was lucky enough to get there.

The actual shows are set for end of December in Seoul, Korea. If you’re interested check out the fan page below or check out their WordPress page for reservations.

Facebok Event Page:

WordPress (reservations):

jack skellington nightmare before christmas

aSC 003

Nightmare Before Christmas musical oogie boogie

Nightmare Before Christmas musical

Nightmare Before Christmas musical jack skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas musical skellington oogie boogie sally

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