The Zoo: A Modern Day Time Machine

I’m convinced, the zoo is a time machine. Walking through the gates is like going on my first school trip all over again. All I want to do is spend my time making faces at the monkeys and trying to pluck out a peacock feather to take home with me. Flamingo I know I’m not alone in the feeling either, I could see the same look my brother’s walk and notice the giddiness in my girlfriend’s voice. We’re all six years old, partnered together so neither of us get lost.


We might as well be walking in single file wearing name tags and singing songs because everyone else is doing the same. It’s actually lots of fun to watch, especially in the parents. One moment you see a middle-aged mother pushing a stroller with her toddler and the next it might as well be one kid pushing another. That’s what I love about the zoo, we’re all walking along, singing songs while we go on a safari.

Gorilla Orangutan Red Panda

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