Germans and their Silly Vowels : the Christmas Market

The last time I went to Germany for a week, I saw two festivals, drank lots of beer and watched a bike race through the center of Wiesbaden. I only went two days without spending my nights at some outdoor booth with a beer/bowler/apfelwein in hand along with some godawfully large meal being slowly digested in my stomach.

My contacts recommended that I try and return in August for their wine festival but alas, the choice wasn’t up to me so I made my inevitable return this past week in early December. Just in time to catch the beginning of a nearly month long celebration in Germany.

The Christmas Market.

The Christmas Market, or Weihnachtsmarkt, starts the last week of November and stretches up to some point before Christmas. Booths sell decorations, toys, candies and a delightful spiced wine served in hot in a mug (gluwein). Besides the gluwein, these markets usually specialize in handcrafted wooden ornaments and little windmill-like ornaments which are spun using the hot air produced by candles.

Sure they look cute now, but once they grow up and start talking back...

It’s easy to get lost walking around the market places and wander around the areas surrounding these markets. If you have the chance, I’d highly recommend heading out to one of these places and getting lost for an hour or two. You never know what you’ll find.

I call this one, "Vegetarian Hell"

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