Korean Fashion : Lots of Words, No Sense

We’ve all seen them because they’re everywhere. They’re on men, women and especially children.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the FOB shirt.

T-shirts with English that writing that don’t make sense or, better worse yet, they do make sense. You see them everywhere, especially in those underground malls or out in smaller shopping districts; anywhere where there are privately owned shops.

Holy Crap.

The first kind of shirts that you’re likely to run across are made up of words that either don’t make sense or are just a random jumble of words. These shirts are funny to read at first but it really just gets depressing after a while. Is it really that hard to find someone to proof read a shirt? Or a sign?

If I had this kid in my class, automatic "F".

The reality is that it isn’t what the writing says that’s fashionable but the say the letter are printed or the design that the wording adds to the shirt. I’ve seen clothes that look great except for some random lettering or the words “Fuck cock” lining some of the seams.


It’s not just Koreans and other Asian countries that have clothes like this, we’re guilty of this in the West and it’s just as bad. Actually I’ve had this shirt for the past few years that I bought back in the states. It’s a plain t-shirt with some Chinese characters and a dragon. I don’t read Chinese so I just assumed it had something to do with the dragon. It wasn’t until I wore it to work a month ago that one the senior execs in my company told me what it says.

“I want to play all day.”

My first reaction was, “Well then why the fuck is there a dragon next to it!?” All this time, I assumed it said something like “I’m a badass” or “I killed a dragon” but nope… apparently I’ve been telling people I want to play all day. Not exactly the vibe you want to give off at work.

So it really does cut both ways as evidenced by the wealth of celebrities who’ve tattooed junk onto their bodies and my t-shirt. I actually read an article a few days back about a Japanese designer who used English writing as subterfuge after one of his shirts with Japanese on it was pulled from stores. Sort of makes you wonder about the wealth of strange clothing out there and how often designers are laughing at us while we’re laughing at their shirts.

In the end, you wear whatever you think looks cool because after all, ignorance is bliss.

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