Korean Fashion : The Cardigan

The Cardigan. A staple of Korean fashion.

If anyone asked me what a cardigan was two years ago, I would’ve guessed that it was a type of bird. Maybe a type of sportscar?

cardigan is a type of machine- or hand-knitted sweater (or jumper) that ties, buttons or zips down the front

Sounds like a jacket huh? The main difference is that a cardigan is usually thinner and made up of a lighter material that isn’t meant to be as warm as a jacket might be.

A longer cardigan adapted for Summer wear.

Cardigans come in two varieties: thick and thin. Regardless of what you get, what you wear with it’s going to change depending on color (we could go as far as fabric, but I’m not exactly a pro myself).

The basic look for cardigans involves a plain pair of pants, solid colored button-up, and a cardigan. It’s simple enough to achieve as you’ll probably have a solid button-up/dress shirt at home, all you really need is a matching cardigan to complete the look. It’s a relatively simple look made up of just three articles of clothing (if you don’t count the shoes).

If the cardigan is patterned, the shirt shouldn't be but if the shirt is patterned then the cardigan shouldn't be.

As the climate turns chillier, you can trade in the t-shirt or button-up can be traded in for a long sleeve.

Feel free to make variations on the basic formula. Honestly the whole “shirt, cardigan, pants” combo is meant for variations. The basic look is easy for when you need to get dressed quickly because you’re late to work, have a sudden date, or just want to get ready quickly.

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