Korean Fashion : Autumn Wear

You can’t deny it. It’s getting cold.

Koreans are proud that their country experiences all four seasons but everyone knows that the highlight of the seasons are really Spring and Autumn. And with Summer finally over (thank God), it’s time to dress warm.

Personally I go with the IRIS look in the Fall. That is, I dress in darker colors and wear the nice warm peacoat that really is the signature for this look. It isn’t flashy and won’t draw lots of attention, but it’ll keep you warm and it’ll come in handy in the winter.

Ignore the guns.

It’s around this time that leather jackets and denim jackets are going to be more and more popular around younger guys. A word of warning, denim jackets without inner lining aren’t warm and once winter starts in neither a leather jacket or a denim jacket will do anything against the cold.

Works for Fall, but pretty much useless in the Winter.

Autumn [or as I Call It, the Time to Get Ready for Winter]

The weather isn’t cold enough yet to warrant layering (“a long sleeve under a hoodie under a jacket” kind of layering) so if you’re running low on funds and don’t want to buy clothes that you’re only going to be wearing once a year pay attention.

Reasonably warm, reasonably priced... most of the time. (Fall - Winter - Early Spring)
  • The Peacoat

They’ll come in two varieties, one looks more like a jacket while the other looks closer to a full-fledged coat. Really the only difference will be in length but some also have additional layers of lining on the inside. The jacket variety will run about 100,000 Won and up while the coat variety will run closer to 200,000 Won for decent ones. I picked up my jacket for closer to 70,000 Won last year on sale and the coat for 320,000 Won in the midst of Winter.

When it gets colder, everyone and their father will be rocking the peacoat over their suits on their way to work but it also looks good with a pair of jeans, a nice shirt and a vest. The jacket isn’t quite as warm but if you layer up and grab a scarf, it’ll last you through the winter. If you’re running low on funds the peacoat jacket variety is a good investment of your money.

Courtesy of UNIQLO.
  • Scarves

Thin scarves are always in during the chilly months (I can’t believe I just said “in”). Once it gets colder you’ll want to be picking up a thicker scarf, just be careful which kind you get. The woolly ones are warm but should be dry clean only and if you don’t they’ll get itchy as hell. Hit Zara, Forever 21 or maybe Codes Combined some nice ones although the former two are better in terms of variety and prices.

It really does just depend on what you intend to wear it with but usually the scarf pictured below will be enough to keep you warm throughout the Autumn months.

Usually scarves are meant to be a key point of an outfit so instead of throwing on a scarf when you’re cold, try to dress around the scarf instead. Otherwise there’s a good chance you can throw off the whole outfit itself.

  • Gloves

Now would be the best time for gloves, later on they’ll get thicker and pricier but honestly getting a nice pair of gloves now will be enough as long as you’re not swimming through the snow later. Uniqlo has some nice gloves for less than 20,000 Won right now. They’re warm enough to last you through some of the colder months as well.

Something you’ll also be seeing often are these thin fabric cardigans with a plain shirt or one with a simple design underneath. They’ll usually run you about 30,000 Won or higher and they’ll be fine for Autumn up until the colder air hits. You’ll be able to wear them during the Fall and then again during the Spring.

For those with some money to spend, now is the time to shop. Honestly Autumn is my favorite time of the year because of one reason, jackets. Sport jackets, dinner jackets, and blazers can finally be worn without high humidity or the sun coming out to burn a hole in you. Personally I don’t stray from the well-worn path of a dark jacket (shades of black and blue) and a light shirt (white, blue, pastels) but feel free. The key to dressing yourself (according to women) is to pick out one piece of clothing (be it a jacket, shoes, a tie, whatever) and pick the rest of your outfit around that one object.

I’ll be doing a series this week on different styles and articles of clothing for Autumn. Hope you tune in then. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Korean Fashion : Autumn Wear

  1. Hi there, i was going to korea on 28/10/11 back on 9/11/11, wondering how cold was the climate at there, if top wear long sleeve + fleece jacket, bottom jean and sport shoe, was it enough ? please advise 🙂

    1. Right now that’d probably be fine but I’d pack a windbreaker and a scarf just in case.
      It usually doesn’t start snowing until mid to late November so you should be fine. Just in case, you might want to check weather reports again a few days before you head over here.
      Hope you enjoy your trip!

  2. Hi!
    I happen to chance upon ur website.
    I’ll be heading to Korea Seoul , in early oct this year. It’s going to be around averagly 15 degree Celsius.
    U think I I just wear a shorts, normal t shirt , n top with a thick coat , will it be enough ? Hahha !

    Thank u !

    1. This year had a late summer so it might stay warmer for a little bit. I’d probably bring some pants and maybe a comfortable sweater along for the trip. If you plan to stay through November, then I’d bring something a bit warmer.
      Otherwise, you should be fine. 🙂

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