Movie Mondays : KTown Cowboys

KOREA TOWN. Or to the locals, K-Town.

Honestly, for people who’ve never lived there it can seem like anywhere else in the world. But you peel back the layers and the city is filled with niche bars, all-night restaurants and clubs that are privy to locals. These secrets aren’t hidden away on purpose, most are sort of like secrets that keeps themselves. And for a short trip into that world, enter K-Town Cowboys.

I know what you're thinking, but no that's not the guy from "Lost" or "Hawaii Five-0"... well, kind of.

I heard about the ‘show’ from my brother who’s made it through most circles in Korea town (K-Town) to know someone involved with the project. Here’s the gist of it.

Johnny, a young Korean American from Richmond, Virginia, finds himself transplanted to Los Angeles’ Koreatown. Having been recently dumped by his girlfriend and with no immediate job prospects, Johnny is taken under the wings of his cousin Jason and a motley crew of party hoppers who are dedicated to having a good time and taking no prisoners in doing so.

It’s your basic fish out of water tale mixed up with some K-town cultural flavor and a very “Entourage” feel to it. It doesn’t really play like what you would normally expect, it doesn’t show you cultural situations without explaining it first and it doesn’t require much knowledge of Korean culture on the viewer’s part.

The episodes are up on YouTube so you can stream them all one after another right now. It’s definitely worth the time. Hit up the link below for their YouTube site or hit the picture (link) above to get to their main site to find out more about the project.

K-Town Cowboys on Youtube

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