Spero Spera

Are you ready? Because I found a pretty good crepe place.

No seriously, I’ve had a few places but it’s always nice to have good crepe places for those days that you want… well a crepe. It’s called “Spero Spera” and it’s located in the lower levels of the new D3 mall at Shindorim station. Even if you haven’t had a crepe before, it’s still a good excuse to make your way over to the new D3 mall and have a look around (especially at their new huge H&M store).

But for those of you who’ve never had a desert crepe, I’ve gone ahead and outlined the evolution of a crepe from beginning to delectable end.

Step One, pour the batter for the crepe itself onto the hot pan and spread it out thin with the wooden tool. During a one hour period I burned like 9 of these, not as easy as it seems.
Step Two, take the crepe off the pan and add all the fixuns. In this case, chocolate ice cream and some cake along with a few other embellishments.
Step Three, you roll up the crepe and add a wrapper. For the crepe, it's all downhill from here.

I’d show step four, except all it really consists of is me engulfing a crepe as quickly as I possibly can. While I can honestly say I’ve probably had better crepes, there is no part of me that thinks that the crepe I got was anything less than delicious.

If you do find that you have the time, I’d recommend checking them out. Bon Apetit.

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