Picking Up Where I Left Off…

I’ve been absent from my wordpress site for almost two weeks now and I have to admit, it’s hard getting back into the habit. Blogging isn’t difficult (finding topics can be) but once I’ve got something in mind it has never been hard to put pen to paper… so to speak, anyways.

For the past three weeks, I’ve worked over 20 hours of overtime, played travel guide to my girlfriend’s sister and dealt with all the troubles of… well, life. Unfortunately in the mean time, I’ve let my site go, ignored my physical exercise (and gained about 5 pounds) and haven’t really taken a break for myself in a month.

When people lose track and bury themselves under the weight of everything that needs to get done or work that needs doing, it’s hard as hell to get back on track. Even when that track is just taking a break and writing a blog, just taking a break seems hard. But if we don’t try, if we don’t do that first sit or type that first sentence then we’ll just get deeper and deeper in that hole.

So this is me, digging myself out. One key at a time.



I’m back.

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