Korean Fashion : The Couple Set

Unless it’s Halloween, I find no reason to dress to match my girlfriend. Even then I feel a little, iffy about it.

In Korea they’re called “Couple Sets” and during the summer almost every store will have at least one or two. Sometimes they’re meant to be worn by a couple and sometimes it’s literally the same design on a women’s shirt that you’d find on a men’s shirt. Occasionally you’ll see similar stuff back home, maybe you even dress in colors to match your significant other for special occasions but ‘Couple Sets’ take it a few steps further.

I don’t really have much to say about this trend except that I don’t really like it.

Do I have a couple shirt? Yes.

Do I wear it? Yes.

Do I wear it when my girlfriend is wearing it? …I try not to but sometimes she tricks me into wearing it.

At first I thought it was a fad here but apparently it’s been around for a while. You find it in couples who are really young and those who are older (30’s to 50’s) more often. It’s not rare to see a couple in their 20’s to be dressed in a couple outfit but it does look out of place at times.

How do you find a ‘couple set’? Throw a rock I should think. You’ll find plenty of stores during the summer selling clothes so if you’re interested, just stop by any mall and it shouldn’t be too hard.


For more tips on fashion in Korea or just an idea of the basics, check out the links below.

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