The Dark Knight Rises

So after months of speculation and rumor mongering, the new teaser poster for “The Dark Knight Rises” is up and is… well fueling more speculation and more rumors. Here’s an update on everything that’s been confirmed:

  • Tom Hardy is Bane
  • Anne Hathaway is Catwoman
  • Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are cast as a Wayne employee and a cop (respectively)
  • A younger version of Ras Al Ghul will be in the film

When we left off in TDK, Batman is on the run for the murder of several cops and DA Harvey Dent. Gordon can no longer directly associate himself with Batman and Wayne Manor is still under reconstruction (from sets and pictures we can assume that TDR starts with Wayne Manor rebuilt to its former glory). Rachel Dawes is dead and so is Harvey Dent (no, he’s not alive). The Joker is obviously out of the question here (regardless of rumor mongering, Christopher Nolan is not going to bring him back). As this version of the Batman universe is weighted in reality (no magic or super powers) we can assume that Ras Al Ghul will appear in flashbacks or memories.

Now to the analysis:

... You tease.

Form the poster, we know that Gotham will be taking quite a hit during the events of the film. I would expect it to loosely follow the “No Man’s Land” or “Cataclysm” storylines in the comic books. In those issues, Gotham is hit by a huge earthquake which basically leaves it open to criminals and villains to take over. While the comic books center on Poison Ivy, the Penguin and the Joker this time I’d expect the mob bosses and other equally criminal influences to take over. This would also be a point for the League of Shadows to rejoin the storyline. As their intent has always been to destroy Gotham by creating a chaos, I can’t expect that they’ll sit idly by and not take a piece of or instigate this action.

I’m hoping that Bane is brought back to his former glory and works not only as a formidable physical opponent to Batman, but a strategic genius as well. I’d expect him to be either a tool of the gangs trying to run Gotham, or play a role similar to the Joker in the last film.

Honestly, as much as I like Marion Cotillard she’s usually best used as someone slightly unhinged (Inception) or someone with malicious intent (Nine). I’d pretty much be assuming (with much of the rest of the internet) that she’ll be playing Tali Al Ghul. That’d explain why Ras will be shown younger (without use of the Lazarus Pit) in flashbacks and memories. If anything, she’ll be masterminding much of the chaos and probably be revealed near the end.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a good actor and I wouldn’t expect him to be a cop just trying to keep the streets safe here. Someone’s going to be working from within GPD now that the last film outed two moles. He may not be the main villain here but he looks to much like Falcone’s son from the comic books for me to think he’s going to play a background character. Each of the films has had a mob presence, Falcone’s son would fit the bill here. While Batman is trying to fight off Bane, Falcone will be working to either take out Batman or be used as a tool by Bane or Talia.

Finally we have the trailer. For those of you who haven’t seen it, just search it through Google and I’m sure you’ll find it. But the brunt of the trailer is about a conversation that Wayne/Batman (we’re never shown who) is having with Gordon while he lies in a hospital bed. He mentions the need for Batman and Wayne/Batman questions his presence or existence at all. I’d hate to spoil this for everyone out there, but I think we can safely assume that Wayne is in his Batman persona when he has this conversation. There’s been a photo of a masked man climbing out of a window that has been rumored to be Gotham General (?) Hospital. I’d expect this to be the beginning of Batman’s return.

The key conundrum for me is Catwoman. I have no idea how she fits into this film. Honestly, some have speculated that she starts off as a replacement for Batman while he’s in hiding. If that’s true, I’d expect her to take a fall and come up short which would cause Batman to come out of hiding (insert trailer here).

I’m not entirely sure how this film will portray all of the characters. Up to date, the films have made use of “The Long Halloween” and “Batman: Year One” along with a few others. It’s a safe bet that the next film will star pretty true to it’s comic book base as well. Regardless, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

If anyone has any other opinions or ideas, I’d be glad to hear them. Just post them below.

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