Fishing in the Rain [for Taiyaki]

About a week ago, I was out having lunch at Delhi (great curry place in 압구정) when I spotted a trendy looking cafe from the window. The name was written in English but was obviously Japanese and since I didn’t have any plans I thought I’d check it out. When I was done with my meal and the rain let up for a few minutes, my date and I ran across the street into the waiting arms of Azabu Taiyaki.

Azabu Taiyaki is a cafe that specializes in “baked sea bream”. If you don’t what that is, don’t be concerned because I have no idea what ‘bream’ is either. But to put it in simple terms, ‘fish shaped cake with filling’ (now a few of you should be nodding your heads). This place has a good number of choices depending on the filling and the size of the fish. It was my first visit so I wasn’t in the mood to try something too extravagant; I ended up settling on the blueberry with cream cheese and the custard taiyaki with a caramel macchiato (I wasn’t alone in my trip, hence two fish).

I always wondered why they bake these in the shape of fish, I still have no idea.

Now traditionally in Asia, taiyaki is made with red bean and in Korea it’s hard to find places that have anything but. It wasn’t until I took a trip to Japan last year that I found different flavors and fillings along with an ice cream taiyaki (which I have yet to find anywhere else). This snack was definitely a throwback to those Japanese flavors and styles. Even though the taiyaki was on the pricier side (3,000-4,000 Won per) it was a nice snack after filling my stomach with curry from across the street. I haven’t had flavored taiyaki since that trip to Japan and haven’t spotted any cafes like this in Korea yet so this place was definitely  a welcome find.

The coffee was fine (not great, but not bad) but the definite draw here is the selection of taiyaki. With a nice varied selection baked fresh for customers, this place went from empty to full when the rains let up. A nice trendy cafe on the edge of 압구정 is not to be missed if you’re in the area. The only thing is, that since it is near ‘Rodeo’, you’ll probably want to take a taxi here. But since this area is populated with shoppers and cafe-goers it’s pretty easy to find a taxi to take you back to the subway station.

Exit through Apgujeong Station (압구정역) Line #3 by Exit #2 or #5 and catch a taxi.All you have to say is "Rodeo Ipgu" and he should take you on your way. Make a right at the KB Bank and the cafe is on your left.

But seriously, what the hell is bream?

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