Worst Moments in Blogging

I was reading the featured post under the Dailies Tag (You know, 3 Things I’ve Learned from a Month of Blogging” by Malinda Essex) and while the article in it’s entirety was an enjoyable read, #3 caught my eye.

We all care whether or not people read our blogs, otherwise we’d be scribbling down with pen in journals instead of posting our thoughts and feelings on the net web for all to read. Nothing feels worse (in the realm of blogging) than posting up a well-written, well-thought out blog article that summarizes how you feel, why, and maybe more and then having no one read it. But a few things come close.

5. Posting up a poll that no one votes on.

Let’s face it, this sucks. I haven’t posted one on my blog yet due to my overwhelming fear that I’ll have to be the one to vote on it just so it doesn’t look so pathetic which (let’s face it) is just more pathetic.

4. Asking for comments and getting none.

I posted up a few photos a while back asking for comments and just getting air in response. This is worse than the poll (#5) mostly because you ask for feedback if only to better your blog, and then just get static.

3. Coming home and checking your site stats only to realize that all your views come from a referral spammer.

This blows, if only because you get your hopes up and then get dashed. Although if this does happen to you, I encourage you to go to the forum. There’s a permanent post regarding what to do if this happens, unless you like getting view from spammers then just continue on. It actually got bad enough that only a few weeks after starting a blog I ended up changing to my current address.

2. Negative feedback.

By negative feedback, I don’t mean criticism; I mean remarks that get us down; things just make us pause longer than we want to. I haven’t seen any on WordPress yet but I’m sure they’re there. Scroll through YouTube and you’ll find a few comments here and there that are just hurtful. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but not everyone’s always needs to be heard.

The number one spot, of course, goes to what I wrote above. Let’s face it, whether it’s a blog or a painting we want people to look at it. The more we work at something, the more it hurts when no one takes notice. It sucks and while we are all just voices in a sea of voices, we all want to be heard or recognized or read. In the end, it isn’t that what we’re writing has no audience but that we feel disconnected from the audience. I know that I’m probably hundreds of miles away from people who read my blog, but I want to feel connected to them and others as if we were sitting across from each other just having a conversation and that’s the upside.

Yes, there is an upside. Even if no one votes on my poll, comments on a blog or even looks at my blog I can still write one tomorrow. That’s the best part about blogging, tomorrow or later that day I can pull myself up and try again and so can everyone else.

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