Wiesbaden, Day 5: Festival

Apparently Wiesbaden has all kinds of festivals going on during the summer months to celebrate the harvest. While the harvest may not be such an integral part modern economy or culture, the celebrations continue. The festival has been going on for the past 30 years and while it may not be as big as the last Wilhelm Strasse fest from Saturday it was still enough fun for a few hours. While the music was entertaining and the atmosphere was easy going, my interest was definitely piqued by the food and drinks.

Only in Germany can you get your hair styled by Rod Stewart.

A few minutes of browsing yielded a decent ham sandwich with some sauerkraut and a class of apfel wine (apple wine). The apfel wine had an interesting flavor but I’ll be honest, it tasted like alcoholic apple vinegar… which tastes as good as it sounds like. Afterward my German contact (who was on her second cup of red wine) suggested bratwurst and a cup of erdbierwine (strawberries soaked in white wine) which was available at almost every booth. Even though my stomach was leading my interest I still had a chance to sit and enjoy the music (although maybe not as much as some of the other attendees were). Surprisingly, most of the music I heard was in English. The performers on the main stage were a popular band that had their start in Wiesbaden, a kind of country blues style that was nice to listen to. The other, smaller stage was occupied by another band with a wholly different style more like yodeling or… actually I have no idea what it was like. I spent a few minutes listening to them while walking back to my room at the hotel, it was not by choice.

The guy on the left looks like Colonel Sanders, talks like Klaus and sings like Coltrane.

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