Wiesbaden, Day 2 : Goulash

Monday was my first day of actual work while in Germany, I got up at 5 am took an hour to get ready and slowly made my way to the breakfast buffet. Breakfast was once more the same fare from yesterday and while I may get sick of it later, I sure wasn’t sick of it yet. Besides a little trouble with my keycard I was out and at the office by 7:30.

Must be nice to still be able to do that.

When I got back, I walked through downtown Wiesbaden again and took a walk through the shopping area here before heading off to dinner. This time, some of the shops were actually open which allowed me to pick up some supplies that I couldn’t earlier. Dinner tonight was a treat not soon to be forgotten. My contact in Germany took me to what she referred to as her “living room”, an Irish pub tucked away in a small street near the hotel. As I was unfamiliar with the menu, a “goulash” was recommended and so goulash it was. The food came out a few minutes later and it was basically a mountain of pasta and sauce topped off with beef. The food was the best I’ve had in weeks.

And they call this the Helliwasser.

Along side the dish came a free shot of schnapps, homemade by the owner of the pub. Following words of caution, I took a few sips slowly. After sips I commented on how good it was while trying not to cough too much. The drink hits like a hammer.

After drinks we separated and I was once again free to roam the streets. The night was far away but it was fast approaching 8 pm. So I took out my camera and once again made my way deeper into the shopping district. Only 8 pm and everything but one super market and several restaurants were closed. Side alleys were busy with people at bars but the rest of the street was populated with scattered tourists and people out for a leisurely stroll.

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