I Play Battleheart

Battleheart has been out for the iPhone since late January of this year but only made the transition to Android May 20th.

At first glance, the cheesy title and low-res icon may have you thinking twice, but venture on further to the screenshots and you’ll be wondering whether or not the $2.99 is worth the risk.

Monty Python... FTW

Battlehearts is a RTS(real time strategy) game that mixes up Warcraft and Final Fantasy to bring you a simple but addictive semi-RPG entirely enjoyable outing. You start off with two characters (a cleric and knight, go figure) and use a tavern to buy new characters to add to your party. The party can have a max of 4 people and there are 8 classes to choose from.  While you can’t have characters switch classes, each of the eight come with two different characters representing that class. With the finite number of characters, the developers went ahead and made each character their own individual instead a teeming faceless mass. You pick skills for each character (which can be changed between battles) along with equipment to balance out your party and carry them into battle.

Battle feels a lot like Warcraft, specifically DotA except you’re in control of four characters. The characters can buff/heal each other and attack enemies in a variety of ways. Just drag your character to any other character/enemy to heal/attack them.

This game is a lot like that Final Fantasy XII spin-off for the DS that no one bought or played... but better.


The game looks simple and has a decent art style that might get boring but the action should keep you intrigued. I would have liked to see better graphics or animations but with the limitations of smartphones, those’ll have to wait.


I played the game on my Galaxy S (Korean version) without any hiccups except for when I first booted up the game. It froze and reset my phone without warning. Don’t be fooled, this game uses up resources and battery life so free up some memory before you boot it up. Controls work great except from when enemies or allies overlap and there was one glitch where an enemy stayed off screen and I had to let one of my characters auto kill him until the next wave of enemies started back up. Overall not bad considering.

But how does it FEEL?

What can I say, the man's got skills.

The game has 3 “worlds” and, like a true RPG, requires some amount of level grinding to get through some of the bosses. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved the level grinding; going back and repeating stages with different load outs and characters is fun. The big plus here is being able to mix up your skill load outs, each 5 levels you can pick between two skills and go back and change at any time. Mix that with character classes along with equipment and you got a variable party system.

The game reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation, and while I’d kill to get the updated version that’s coming out for the iPhone this game’ll tide me over for a while. This game is NOT Final Fantasy Tactics, but it is fun and addictive in it’s own right. Think of it as Final Fantasy Tactics meets Final Fantasy XII.

The UP:

  • Gameplay works well
  • Skill system is tailor made for variable parties
  • Lots of levels
  • Fun
  • Lots of replay value to be had maxing out all the classes.
  • Graphics aren’t anything special.
  • Controls can be wonky.
You can find Battleheart on the Amazon Appstore for $2.99.

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