Avenger’s Movie Villain

Rumor has it that the villain in the next Avengers movie has been uncovered.

Thanos. Supposedly, this will also include the Skrulls along with Loki and probably include the Cosmic Cube from the Thor movie (my opinion, not in the article). His gauntlet (pictured below) was used as a prop on the Thor movie, only visible for a few seconds in the room with all the treasured weapons when the Frost Giants get fried by the Destroyer early on in the film.

From IGN when they went to Comic Con in 2010. Anyone else feel geeky for being able to name all 6 gems?

Check out the link for the Latino Review below to hit up the original source of the information. To find the screencap of the guantlet in Thor, just type out “Infinity Gauntlet in Thor” and the first link should lead you to the cap.

Latino Review


Apparently X-Men First Class comes out in Korea a few days ahead of the States and other countries, I’ll be posting up a few thoughts (no spoilers, unless you ask) about the film later on next week.

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