Crafting Worlds: Minecraft


Even if you’re just a passing gamer you must have heard the name before. Either posted on blogs or mentioned in articles, Minecraft has spread like wildfire.

This is so awesome and just gets better. (Click to link to the youTube video)

The basic gist of the game is that you can take anything apart (mining), take the parts and craft a new material (crafting) then build whatever you want. While there are supposed to be monsters and such which can be defeated with weapons and items crafted from the environment that really takes a back seat to the creativity of the game.

The four wise men of Nintendo.

Taken from the first person view, the graphics aren’t really much to look at, not until you start building. Gamers have taken this concept to the extreme creating massive works of art in the game world which can be saved a replayed later on. This began with 2D drawings but eventually moved on to become entire recreations of cities and buildings (fictional and not). Maps can be shared and a huge community has arisen as a result.

Pokemon, minus the seizure inducing flashes.

More than 8 million people have registered for the game and 2 million people have already paid for it… in its beta phase. The game isn’t even complete and it’s already spawning clones with, literally, millions of people sharing maps and playing this game.

It costs 14.00 Euros in its beta phase (pays for the final version and supports the developer to complete the game) and with the constant updates, even if you want to just check out the flash version I’d say its worth a look. This game is definitely worth taking a few hours out of your day and maybe a few days out of your week. Good luck building, and I hope to see some new maps out there.


There are tons of custom maps out there, if you want to get a taste youTube is a good place to start. Just check out some of the linked videos here and start from there.

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