Schwarzenegger [Will Be Back]

You don't look any guiltier than this. Unless you try putting a glove on inside out.

When news broke about Schwarzenegger’s infidelities and what not, I’ll be honest, I didn’t much care. The news had been carrying on about the separation of Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, for  a few days and it didn’t really surprise me that he had been unfaithful. After all, I lived in California during the recall election and we all saw the results of the smear campaign by Gray Davis at the time (some of those commercial and ads are on Youtube, check them out).

I laugh everytime I read this. George Takei is awesome. (Click the picture to link to the article)

But an interesting thought occurred to me; this is very convenient coincidental. Besides his separation from his wife and infidelity revelations, the biggest news about Schwarzenegger has been about his upcoming return to the silver screen.

Just humor me, but if you look at the pattern of the most popular celebrities of the past decade they are marked by their rises to fame, fall from grace and then return to new heights. Britney Spears came back from being bald and insane, Kobe came back from his rape charges and Lindsey Lohan… well she’s still working on that one.

That picture in the middle looks like a screenshot from "The Hills have Eyes".

But of the three, Kobe and Britney are more popular than ever. You can attribute Kobe’s popularity to the fact that his scandal broke early in his career and he’s only grown as an athlete since then; Britney… I don’t know what happened there but she may well be the most well known pop star on the planet.

But Arnie’s been out of the game for a while, taking a break to fix up California. While entering political office could be seen as a step down for the big man, I wouldn’t say that it was a low point in his career. And while a career comeback is possible, he has still been in the spotlight an awful lot over the past decade for his political service. Now with this scandal, it won’t be surprising to see him take a step back into the shadows and let the waters cool while he gets to rebuilding his acting career. This sudden jump in Google searches might be just what he needs to get studios interested in taking him on once again (he’s already attached to the next Terminator movie with Justin Lin) and filming gives him the perfect reason to back out of the spotlight before he makes a triumphant return.

This scandal broke by his own admission (from my understanding), which makes one wonder why he would do so. It may just be the courage to be honest to his family which allowed him to go public, but this may be just what his career needs.

The only downside here, is that tagged to Arnold’s sudden rise in internet popularity (or notoriety, but eventually he may become known for something else or be remembered for being the Terminator) is Maria Shriver. Schwarzenegger will be remembered for a lot of things to the public, but Shriver will have this spot on her forever (unless she starts an acting career). And that sucks.

“I’LL BE… you know.”

Just for fun, goto Google and click IMAGES. Then type in “Lohan mugshot” and look at all the photos that pop up. How many times are they going to arrest her before they stop letting her go? Seriously?

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