I Am Captain America

With the new Captain America movie coming out soon, Marvel is highlighting old ‘wingtips’ on several Marvel comic covers with a a variant series of “I am Captain America” drawings by several different artists. While I love a lot of the artists and have followed many of their careers since I was a kid (Quesada in partcular), one stood out to me.

Skottie Young is a relatively new name (to me anyways; I grew up with Jim Lee drawing X-Men and Todd Macfarlane still, principly, drawing comic books) but you gotta hand it to him on style.

This could be an one of those inspirational posters, at the bottom it should say... "Super Soldier : You don't need a serum to be one."

Head over to Hero Worship at the LA Times to check out the full article and more covers.

2 thoughts on “I Am Captain America

  1. This Omnibus is a huge book covering 25 issues of Captain America, and it is an amazing look into Captain America. I grew up with the 80’s version of Cap, who (in my mind) was just a noble guy with a shield. He didn’t have a lot of depth, actually he was quite similar to Cyclops of the X-Men. He’s the leader, he gives orders, that’s about all you got from the…

    1. I always loved the Omnibus’ (I used to read them in class) but I gotta say my favorite portrayal of Captain America is during the Civil War series that happened a few years back. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone (because it’s a great read) but it really does play into his humanity and his beliefs and eventually how one overpowers the other.

      If you haven’t read it, I would HIGHLY recommend reading Marvel’s Civil War.

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